Calendar of Propers


Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine

Proper Masses

Official English Text with the Proper Calendar and Masses of the Congregation of Our Saviour of the Lateran

Christ Church Priory, Eltham, 1991

Canons Regular of the Lateran

English Province

This English translation of the complete text of the Missae Propriae Confederationis Canonicorum Regularium S.Augustini (Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis 1985), together with the Proper Calendar and Masses of the Lateran Congregation, is authorised for use in the English Province.

Christ Church Priory, Eltham, 1 January 1991

Paul Rea CRL, Visitor

Confederation of Canons Regular of the Order of Saint Augustine

Angelin Maurice Lovey, Provost General of the Congregation of SS Nicholas and Bernard of Mont Joux, Abbot Primate of the Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine

In 1974, the Right Reverend Dom Gebhard Koberger, then Abbot Primate of the Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine, ordered the Proper Masses for the use of the above Confederation to be printed. This edition had been prepared by a special Commission and confirmed by the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship on 20 June 1970 (Ref.CD 1443/74).

Since copies of that first edition are no longer obtainable, and because in the intervening years a large number of other Masses, proposed by the Primatial Council, have been approved by the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship at different times, it seemed appropriate, and indeed necessary, to prepare a new edition of our proper Masses.

Therefore we order this new Latin edition of all the Proper Masses including all those recently approved, and arranged by the Right Reverend Abbot Charles Egger CR, to be printed for the use of our Confederation.

Given at Martigny in Switzerland on the Feast of All Canon Regular Saints, 8 November 1984

Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship

Ref. No.: 1443/74

Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine

At the request of the Right Reverend Father Gebhard Koberger, Abbot Primate of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine, in his letter of 30 March 1974, and in virtue of the faculties granted to this Sacred Congregation by the Supreme Pontiff Paul VI, we willingly approve and confirm the Latin texts for the celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours according to the Proper Calendar of the same Confederation, which are appended to this Decree.

At the same time we permit that the memorial of Bl. Archangel Canetoli be transferred from 16 April to 4 December, in the Proper Calendar confirmed by this Sacred Congregation on 8 July 1971 (Ref. no.1299/71).

When the texts are printed mention is to be made of the confirmation granted by the Apostolic See, and two copies of the printed texts are to be forwarded to this Sacred Congregation.

Anything to the contrary not withstanding.

Given at the Offices of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship on 20 June 1974.

James R. Cardinal Knox, Prefect

H. Bugnini, Secretary

Proper Calendar of the Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine


3: Bl. Alain de Solminihac, bishop (memorial)
8: S. Lawrence Justinian, bishop (memorial)
9: Bl. Alix le Clerc, virgin
12: S. Martin of Leon, priest


4: S. Gilbert of Sempringham, priest (memorial)
7: S. Warren of Palestrina, bishop
18: S. Theotonius of Coimbra, religious


6: Bl. Oldegar of Tarragona, bishop
29: S. William Tempier, bishop


5: S. Catherine Thomas, virgin
6: S. William of Aebelholt, abbot
9: S. Gaucher, priest
24: Conversion of our Father S. Augustine (memorial)
26: BB. Boniface and Emeric, bishops
27: Bl. Achard of S. Victor, bishop
30: S. Aldobrand of Fossomrone, bishop


16: S. Ubald of Gubbio, bishop (memorial)
21: S. Ivo of Chartres, bishop (memorial)
25: S. Gregory VII, pope (memorial)
29: S. Bona, virgin


6: S. Norbert, bishop (memorial)
15: S. Bernard of Montjoux, religious (memorial)aBRA 25: Bl. Mary Lhuillier, virgin and martyr


9: S. John of Osterwijk, priest and martyr (memorial)
20: S. Thorlac, bishop


2: S. Eusebius of Vercelli, bishop (memorial)
17: SS. Alypius and Possidius, bishops (memorial)
27: S. Monica, Mother of our Father S. Augustine (Feast)
28: S. Augustine, bishop and doctor, patron of the Canonical Order (Solemnity)


4: BB. John Charles M. Bernard du Cornillet, John Francis Bonnel de Pradal and Claude Ponse, priests and martyrs (memorial)
9: S. Peter of Pebrac, priest
12: S. Albert of Jerusalem, bishop
17: S. Peter of Arbues, priest and martyr
26: S. Kjeld, priest (memorial)


3: S. Chrodegang, bishop (memorial)
10: S. John of Brindlington, priest
16: S. Bertrand of Comminges, bishop
26: S. Fulk, bishop


5: S. Gerald of Beziers, bishop
7: SS. Israel, Walter and Theobald, religious
8: All Canons Regular Saints (Feast), within the Octave: Commemoration of all the deceased members of the Confederation
14: S. Lawrence of Dublin, bishop
26: Bl. Ponce, abbot (memorial)


2: B. John Ruusbroec, priest (memorial)
4: Bl. Archangel Canetoli, priest (memorial)
9: S. Peter Fourier, priest (memorial)
11: S. Vicelin, bishop
12: Bl. Hartmann, bishop (memorial)