“Caritas Unitas”

On May 4, 1959 Blessed Pope John XXIII founded the Confederation of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine with his apostolic letter “Caritas Unitas” on the 900th anniversary of the First Lateran Synod. Like his predecessor, Pope St. Gregory VII, he wished to promote the common life for priests. He choose similar means as the First Lateran Synod: exhortation, not legislation. The Confederation is a union of charity that binds nine congregations of Canons Regular together for mutual aid and support.

Blessed John XXIII

The Confederation began in 1959 with four congregations:

Lateran Congregation of the Redeemer (Rome, Italy)

Austrian Congregation

Congregation of St. Nicholas and St. Bernard of Mont Joux (Great St. Bernard, Switzerland)

Congregation of St. Maurice of Agaunum (Canton Valais, Switzerland)

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Subsequently other Canons Regular have joined the Confederation:

Windesheim Congregation (Paring, Germany)

Congregation of the Immaculate Conception (Rome, Italy)

Congregation of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer (La Cotellerie, France)

Congregation of the Brothers of the Common Life (Maria Brunnen, Germany)

Congregation of St. Victor (Champagne, France).

The Abbot Primate, who is elected by all the congregations and serves for a six year term, works to foster contact and mutual cooperation among the diverse communities of Canons Regular in the Catholic Church. Examples of these collaborative works include the production of a calendar of proper liturgical feasts, promotion of vocations and scholarship on the canonical life.

The current Abbot Primate, the Right Reverend Anthony Maggs, is a canon regular of the Lateran Congregation. He is pictured on the right on the occasion of his visit to Klosterneuburg in April, 2003.

The Abbot Primate, Anthony Maggs (2nd from left) with Dom Clemens, Dom Elias and Dom Joseph (from left).
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Links to Confederation Websites:

Congregatio SS. Salvatoris Lateranensis
Congregation of the Lateran

(Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay)

Congregatio Austriaca
Austrian Congregation

(Austria, Italy)

Congregatio SS. Nicolai et Bernardi Montis Jovis
Congregation of Great St. Bernard

(Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan)

Congregatio Canonicorum Regularium S. Mauritii Agaunensis
Congregation of St. Maurice of Agaunum


Congregatio Vindesemensis
Congregation of Windesheim

(Italy, Germany, Czech Republic)

Congregatio Immaculatae Conceptionis
Congregation of teh Immaculate Conception

(Italy, France, England, Canada, United States of America, Peru, Brazil)

Congregatio Matris Redemptoris
Congregation of the Mother of the Redeemer


Congregatio Fratrum Vitae Communis
Congregation of the Brothers of the Common Life


Congregatio Victorina
Congregation of St. Victor

(France, Tanzania)