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The Feast of Saint Rocco – 2012

Watch here:  a news report on the Feast of Saint Rocco!


The high point of the feast is the procession through the neighborhood, when the Saint, in the form of his statue and in the reality of his relic, visits his brothers and sisters, especially the homebound, in the parish.


This year’s annual Feast of Saint Rocco commemorated the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Canonical Erection of the Church of Saint Rocco, in those days as a parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn.


Nightly the feast started with the National anthem and the Italian anthem.



Every night the feast opened with a blessing of the food.


Since it started in the 1970s, the Feast has become an important event in the summer calendar of Glen Cove, indeed of Nassau County and beyond, as more and more are drawn to this extraordinary summer festival.


Preparing for the Opening Mass on July 31st.



During the feast, the Canons conducted numerous liturgical services — Mass, Vespers, Matins and Compline — to sustain the religious foundation of the six day event.


Before the Opening Mass…




…and afterwards



The Feast celebrates “Fede, Familia, Felicità” — less elegantly in English “Faith, Family, Fun“. The Italian renders more accurately the aim of the feast — that is to bring together family and friends to share the ultimate promise of faith, happiness.



Eggplant rollatini, meatballs, broccoli rabe, tripe, chicken parmigiano, spaghetti and clam sauce, and so much more!



We hope that the joy of the feast  in terms of the beautiful liturgies and ardent devotions, the sumptuous Italian food, the rides, the entertainment and the camaraderie all in some way draw us all to the source and summit of happiness, God.



The Canons, taking a break from prayers and food, enjoy a plunge on the Super Shot — there’s a great view of the Feast from up top!




Dom Gabriel with the Catholic Youth in Action, who served at the Pasta Plus Pavilion during the Feast. Bravi!




Father Richard Carr blessed the Food on Wednesday evening.




Dom Daniel trains the Altar Boys for Solemn Vespers




Father Richard Carr, presiding at Solemn Vespers, incenses the altar as the Magnificat is chanted.




Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament




…and more food…




Out and about meeting the volunteers and visitors alike.



Benedizione del Cibo – Giovedì



Newly consecrated auxiliary bishop, His Excellency, the Most Reverend Robert Brennan, surrounded by the servers before Pontifical Vespers.



Dom Daniel escorts Bishop Brennan to start Vespers




Ready for Pontifical Vespers



The Hymn



Bishop Brennan exhorts the faithful to imitate Saint Rocco.






Bishop Brennan leads the Intercessions



The Deacon exposes the Blessed Sacrament



Solemn Vespers concluding with a period of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.



Bishop Brennan blessed the congregation on the way out.




Pontifical Vespers




The line for the Pasta Pavilion Plus!




…and more food…




This time, Dom Gabriel blesses the food, on Friday night.




Dom Gabriel’s turn to preside at Solemn Vespers.




Fireworks on Friday night to celebrate the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary.




Each night we prayed Compline to conclude the day’s liturgical program in the church.




The feast




Pilgrims from Virginia – Thanks for coming!



Saturday night




On the morning of the procession, the Statue of Saint Rocco is clad in two mantles, one made of money, the other of ex votos offered in thanksgiving for miracles attributed to his intercession.



Procession for the Solemn Mass for Saint Rocco



Dom Daniel blesses Dom Gabriel as he prepares to proclaim the Gospel.




Dom Daniel incensing the altar.




The Deacon incenses the Gospels




Dom Gabriel proclaims the Gospel for the Solemnity of Saint Rocco




Professing the Faith.




Dom Daniel incenses the offerings




Elevation of the Host




Elevation of the Chalice







Preparations for the Procession. The statue of Saint Rocco is carried out of the church and placed on a wagon.




Out on procession on Cedar Swamp Road




The three hours procession took place during a hot, humid August afternoon.




Dom Daniel bears the relic of Saint Rocco in the procession.


We hope that next’s Year’s Feast (July 30-August 4, 2013) will become a significant moment for evangelization during the upcoming Year of Faith (October 11, 2012-November 24, 2012).


New and Noteworthy….

Dom Gabriel preached at his family’s home parish, Holy Family Catholic Community in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. You can find the recording of the Mass when you click on this link.


Back at the abbey, we congratulate Dom Ignatius, Dom Meinrad and Dom Nikolaus on their profession of solemn vows on August 28th, and on our three novices clothed the evening before.


School opens on September 5th. We are looking forward to this new venture in Catholic education. Please remember us in your prayers. Learn more about the All Saints Catholic at