Augustini 2012




The Convent present at Augustini


Thanks to Dom Aegydius and Dom Ignatius we have a few photos from Augustini. The clothing of the novices takes place on August 27th at the start of the celebrations of the Solemnity of Saint Augustine and the temporary and solemn professions take place at the Solemn Mass on August 28th. Congratulations to all.



The new capitulars, Dom Ignatius and Dom Nicolaus (Dom Meinrad is behind Dom Martin), as well as Dom Leonhard to the left, and the new novices, Dom Martin, Dom Thaddäus and Dom Felix, to the right.









Candidates for the novitiate – Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, Andreas Ploner, and Ivan Jurić





Clothing of the novices





Dom Leonhard professes temporary vows for three years.




The capitulars to be.




Litany of the Saints





Dom Meinrad reads his vows.




Dom Meinrad




Dom Nicolaus




Dom Ignatius reads his vows.




Dom Ignatius





Procession with Dom Ignatius and Dom Meinrad leading the capitulars.



The novitiate for 2012



The newly professed